7Cares Idaho Shares: Idaho Foodbank

The foodbank helps families that struggle to put food on the table.

For more than 30 years the Idaho Foodbank has helped feed families in need across the Treasure Valley. The 7Cares Idaho Shares campaign helps the food bank to raise food and money during a time that can be very tough for some families.

With worries about paying the heating bill, making rent, and keeping up with regular expenses, buying food sometimes falls to the bottom of the list. In Idaho, one in seven people are food insecure.

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Because of that, the Idaho Foodbank is working to create a lot of meals. Carlyn Blake, development manager, says 7Cares Idaho Shares is a huge help towards reaching their goal.

"We are trying to collect 2.9 million nutritious meals for families in need, and this goes a long way in trying to collect that," said Blake. "We sort of act like a distributor of food, we have over 400 partners throughout the state that we provide food to."

Partners like the Meridian Food Bank.

"We are so thankful that we have the food bank, we are able to use it, that it is there for us and anybody that needs it," said Jennifer Coonrod.

Jennifer and her family work hard to make ends meet, but when money is tight and it comes down to choosing between food and other important things, she says it's great to have a local food bank that can help her family.

"We get to shop, we get to choose some items, get what we need, a few things that the kids like, so that's helpful and inviting and comfortable," said Coonrod. "The immediate care that my kids need we are able to get that because we are able to get food."

When you give to 7Cares Idaho Shares you are helping families in your community that just need a little extra help.

"You're feeding my children, that's huge," said Coonrod.

Like every year, your support goes a long way to help people in need around the state.

"Much of what we raise during November and December actually supports us all year long," said Blake.

The best way you can help is by giving the items that families in need, need most.

"The focus on that day is canned foods, nonperishable goods, canned foods and meats, and I would also say money as well," said Blake.

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"Every one dollar that is donated to the food bank helps to collect or provide the food for five meals," said Blake.

Meals that will bring families in need together for what is most important to them this holiday season.

"My family my kids and my husband, just being together," said Coonrod. "Donate, help, that's what this community does, we help each other out, we take care of each other."