7Cares Idaho Shares: Idaho Foodbank

Since 1984, the Idaho Foodbank has helped feed those in need across the Treasure Valley. For the foodbank, the 7 Cares Idaho Shares campaign helps to raise food and money during a time that can be very tough for some families.

With worries about paying the heating bill, making rent, and keeping up with regular expenses, buying food sometimes falls to the bottom of the list.

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Idaho Foodbank CEO Karen Vauk says with the help of the community, those families will never have to go without food.

"It's really heartwarming when you see all of the companies and the individuals that come to being part of 7 Cares Idaho Shares,” said Vauk.

Vauk says she has seen so many people give, last year she even saw a woman who was struggling with poverty herself pitching in with as much as she could.

"Here is a women having a hard time but she wants to be a part of giving back. There's that recognition and appreciation, it takes all of us," said Vauk.

All part of a community working together to help Idahoans in need.

"Not only do we benefit from the donations the funds and the food, but the community engagement and the community awareness is beyond what we could have imagined," said Vauk.

In 2015, Idaho raised close to $300,000 and nearly one million meals. Vauk says this helps thousands of people across the Gem State.

"We have three facilities and from those three facilities we are able to reach out into the communities across Idaho to provide the food assistance they are in need of and also provide nutrition education and other types of support," said Vauk.

All to get the people who need it most through tough times.

"We all need to be a part of helping each other, and that's what I see over and over again on 7 Cares Idaho Shares Day,” said Vauk.

A reminder that 7Cares Idaho Shares Day is this Saturday, December 10th.

You can make a cash or food donation between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Albertsons Stadium, or at one of the 8 Fred Meyer stores or 28 Albertsons stores in the Treasure Valley and Twin Falls.

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We'll be broadcasting live from several of those locations.

Check out the event guide for more information.