Hot Lotto game to end next month

The last drawing will occur on Oct. 28th.

The Idaho Lottery has announced that the Hot Lotto game will end next month.

The last drawing will occur on Oct. 28, 2017.

“Ending the Hot Lotto game was a decision reached by the member states who participate in the game,” said Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson. “In Idaho, we are charged with providing games that responsibly continue to grow our dividends for our beneficiaries. As part of our business, we routinely replace games with new ones to keep our line-up fresh for our players. We support ending Hot Lotto at this time.”

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Hot Lotto is a $1 game that offers Powerball-style play but with lower odds and jackpots. The multi-state lottery got its start back in April 2002. Sales in Idaho began in October 2007.

The game is currently sold by 13 other U.S. lotteries as well as Idaho.

There are plans to introduce Lotto America, a new $1 draw game which is scheduled to debut this November.