Mom says Walmart kicked her out for passing out gift cards

The family purchased more than $1,000 in gift cards.

BRIDGETON, Mo. – A family said they were kicked out of a local Walmart while teaching their kids a lesson about giving.

The Twichell family said they were passing out Walmart gift cards at the Walmart store in Bridgeton as a way of giving back to the community Sunday afternoon.

They bought more than a $1000 worth of gift cards.

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They said a store employee and someone working security told them they had to leave if they planned to continue passing out gift cards.

A spokesperson for Walmart said a family member did ask an employee if they could pass out the gift cards and they were told no.

The spokesperson said the family wasn't told they had to leave.

As it turns out, Walmart said an assistant manager at the store was unsure of the store policy.

Walmart doesn't have an issue with a family passing out Walmart gift cards.

The Twichell family said they will continue their tradition of giving.