Massive Powerball jackpot has Idahoans dreaming big

The payout is the second-biggest in Powerball history.

BOISE- Wednesday night was the drawing for the $700 million Powerball jackpot. Earlier in the day there were a lot of people buying their tickets for their chance to be the big winner.

One store in Boise is actually called the luckiest retailer in the country. Jacksons #10, off Orchard Street, has sold tickets totaling over $300 million.

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We caught up with some folks who thought going to the store would help their luck, and asked them what they would do with so much money.

"I would make 700 people very happy," said Bill Walters, who was visiting from California.

"I would probably go to Disneyland first off," said Jenny Kroll of Boise. "I would help people, too, definitely."

"Honestly, I would pay off my student loans and help my mom with hers," said Diana Clark of Boise.

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The Idaho Lottery urges you to sign your ticket and call the office Thursday morning if you are the lucky winner.

If no one wins Wednesday night's jackpot, it will grow to about $1 billion.