Boise prepares to host NCAA Tournament

In just one week, eight basketball teams will hit the hard court at Taco Bell Arena for the start of the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

BOISE - The start of the NCAA men's basketball tournament is just one week away. This year, the city of Boise will play host to the first and second round games.

"It's a great chance for us to really showcase the city and all that we have to offer," said Taylor Williamson with the Boise Visitors and Convention Bureau.

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Over the years, Boise has become a regular for the NCAA Tournament; this year marks the 9th time and the first since 2009, the City of Trees has played host to March Madness.

"It's great that we can kind of put Boise in that spotlight," said Williamson.

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Over the past year, Williamson has worked on coordinating visits with the NCAA and booking hotels in anticipation for the tournament.

"We've got eight hotels total. There's six hotels for the eight teams coming in; and we have another hotel for media and another hotel is the headquarters, the host hotel," Williamson said.

In all, 3,500 room nights and an expected 30,000 people.

"Looking at attendance and what BSU can have capacity at Taco Bell. We're predicting about $15 million impact for the tournament here," said Williamson.

Teams coming to Boise have not yet been announced. The selections will be made on Sunday afternoon.

However, Boise State does not have any more tickets available, which has many searching those secondary sites to get in on the action. The Better Business Bureau warns you to shop with caution.

"There are three different types of ticket sellers. You have you legitimate sellers who have to be regulated. You have ticket scalpers. They're unregulated, but in some cases their tickets are authentic, there's just no way to be certain; and then you have your unregulated or your fraudulent tickets. So that's where you can get scammed," said Veronica Craker with the Better Business Bureau.

Doing some research before you hand over your money for tickets is your best shot at avoiding problems.

"You need to know where your seat is. You need to know what the refund policy is. How are you getting the tickets? Are they e-mailing them to you? Do you have to pick them up somewhere because if none of these details are made apparent when you're purchasing your ticket, then that's a big red flag," said Craker.

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If you can't get a ticket this year, there's always 2021. Boise is set to be a tournament host again just three years from now.

"Our hope is what we can kinda get a model and process that works and then just put that in place for 2021," said Williamson.

Four games with take place on Thursday and then another two games on Saturday.

If Boise State makes the NCAA Tournament, they can't play at home due to NCAA rules.