$146.5 million in bonds and levies on ballot in upcoming election

In Ada and Canyon counties, $146.5 million is on the ballot among five school districts.

In Ada and Canyon counties, $146.5 million is on the ballot among five school districts.

Coming up March 13, the West Ada School District is asking voters to approve a $95 million bond.

Between those five districts, the biggest request is coming from West Ada School District.

"It would go toward a new high school, a new elementary school, an expansion of one of our overcrowded high schools, and then a significant addition to Star Elementary, and a small addition to Mary McPhersen Elementary, and then some money to purchase land for future schools," said West Ada spokesman Eric Exline.

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If passed, building a new high school would be the first project slated to open its doors in 2020.

Exline also says enrollment in the district has been increasing each year for the past two decades.

"As our enrollment starts to increase by 1,000 kids per year, that's an entire middle school per year, and they don't all come in middle school, but your schools get overcrowded in a hurry," said Exline.

Also on the ballot for West Ada, renewing a $14 million supplemental levy.

If passed, it will restore in part, deep cuts made during the recession.

"We cut 14 days out of the school calendar, we quit hiring teachers for growth, we eliminated a lot of administrative positions," said Exline.

If approved, Exline says property taxes will not go up to pay for the levy.

That's because total property value is increasing in the area.

And over in the growing district of Middleton, a $25 million bond on the ballot will be used to pay for a much-needed fourth elementary school.

The new school would open in the fall of 2019, if the bond passes.

Both Parma and Wilder school districts are running a $5 million bond before voters for new facilities and expansion and the Caldwell School District is asking voters to renew a $2.5 million supplemental levy.