Life in Balance: Expert advice on shopping smart, eating smart

KTVB took a typical grocery list to Molly Tevis, an in-store registered dietitian with Albertsons, to learn how to shop smarter.

EAGLE - It can be overwhelming with all the choices at the grocery store these days, but it is possible to shop smart, and eat smart.

For example, is Greek yogurt more healthy than Icelandic yogurt? KTVB took a typical grocery list to Molly Tevis, an in-store registered dietitian with Albertsons, to learn how to shop smarter.

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We began our shopping trip at Albertsons in Eagle in the breakfast cereal aisle.

"Yep, it makes a good snack, a quick breakfast," Tevis said.

One of her favorite breakfast cereals for kids is Signature Kitchens Bite-Sized Frosted Shredded Wheat.

"Kids still like it because it still has that sweet flavor to it, but it's not laden with a lot of refined and added sugars," Tevis said. "So it's got good fiber in it, good for our stomachs, good for energy, perfect for a breakfast cereal because it will keep them full until lunch time."

Fiber is key to keeping those bellies full. Tevis says a good goal for breakfast cereals is to choose one with three or more grams of fiber and 15 or less grams of sugar.

She says another healthy option is plain Cheerios.

"This is a good place where kids can have fun, throw in their own fruit, blueberries, banana slices, strawberries, kind of make it their own, which is fun," Tevis said.

If you prefer your Cheerios flavored, like Honey Nut, try mixing the two.

"So you still get some of the flavor from your Honey Nut, and then cut them in with your regular so you're still getting those whole grains and less refined sugars," Tevis said.

Next we move on to the granola section.

Tevis likes the versatility of granolas. She recommends using granola as a cereal, on top of yogurt, with fruit or cottage cheese. Her choice for granola is the O Organics Chia, Flax, Quinoa Granola.

"It's got good amount of protein, it's got five grams of protein," Tevis said. "Our fibers are nice and high with four grams, and our sugars are pretty low for granola standards with nine. And you're getting in some good whole grains. You're getting in the flax for Omega-3's. You're getting the quinoa which is a complete protein and Chia adds even more Omega-3's."

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The Ezekiel 4:9 Golden Flax is even more nutritient dense, with six grams of fiber and eight grams of protein, but Tevis warns your kiddos probably won't like the taste of this one.

Next, we visit snack bar aisle.

"So if it's just a snack bar, look for one that's less than 200 calories," Tevis said. "Any more than that and it really starts to become more of a meal than a snack."

Consider the Think Thin Protein and Fiber Bar.

"They're less than 200 calories for a snack bar," Tevis said. "High protein with 10 grams of protein, high fiber, and not a lot of added sugars."

For kid-friendly snack bars, Tevis's pick is the Signature Kitchens Protein Chewy Bars. They are under 200 calories, high in fiber and protein, and not a lot of added sugar.

"It gives them that chocolate, peanut butter flavor that they're looking for that they would normally want to pick out from one of these other bars, but making sure they're still getting a nutrient dense option," Tevis said. "These are my go-to for any age."

In the snack cracker aisle, Tevis's favorites are: Whole Grain Goldfish, and any of the flavored Triscuits or Woven Wheat crackers. If you're looking for gluten free, try Van's Perfect 10.

"These are a good option. The Perfect 10," Tevis said. "They're whole grain, so our fiber is high, our sugars are low and they allergy friendly."

Tevis says snacks like Teddy Grahams and graham crackers should be considered more of a cookie than a cracker because they are high in sugars and low in fiber.

In the yogurt aisle, your best bet here is plain, Greek yogurt with no added sugars. But if you like a little flavor she says to look for yogurts that are naturally sweetened, like Open Nature Icelandic Style Lowfat Yogurt, Coconut flavor.

"So this one for example has 16 grams of protein and only nine grams of added sugar," Tevis said.

If you're really watching your calorie content, try Oikos Triple Zero with Stevia, which has only six grams of sugar.

For portable kid yogurt, check out Chobani Greek Yogurt Tots.

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"So same concept looking for not a lot of added sugars," Tevis said. "It has only eight grams of sugar and four grams of protein. And it's a good portion size."

Finally, the frozen breakfast aisle. Believe it or not, there are some hidden gems in the freezer section, like Van's Gluten Free Orginal frozen waffles. With 23 grams of whole grains and seven grams of protein to keep you full until lunchtime, they are considered more nutritious than most pancake and waffle mixes.

Jimmy Dean Delights Frittatas are a good choice, too. Especially the turkey sausage and veggie varieties.

"They are high in protein," Tevis said. "If you're looking for a low-carb option, kid-friendly, they've got lots of different options. You can see, they even get their veggies in them. So this is a great way to get in those veggies that kids wouldn't normally get in at their breakfast meal."

Another pick: The Jimmy Dean Delights Honey Wheat English Muffin with Canadian bacon, egg whites and cheese.

"These ones are only 230 calories for the whole sandwich," Tevis said. "Good protein, good fiber. They get the check."

You can join In-Store Dietitian Molly Tevis (RDN, LD) for free supermarket tours and workshops at the Albertsons in downtown Eagle. Click here for more information.