Idaho Life: Italian deli done right

As the country's fastest growing state, Idaho has seen an influx of people from all over. And lucky for us, their cuisine comes with them. Idaho Life takes us inside an Italian eatery bringing the Big Apple to the Treasure Valley.

You get a sense of it even in the parking lot. And you can see it in the strip mall sign. But it's when you hear the voice that you really feel like a little of New York City has landed in Garden City, Idaho.

"Well, that's part of the show, I guess," says Jimmy Beltucci, owner of Uncle Giuseppe's Italian Deli, the seven-year-old brainchild of Jimmy and his son, Stephen.

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But really, deli goes back generations for the Beltuccis.

Jimmy grew up in Queens, New York, and at the age of 18 he had a choice: Either go to work for the New York Fire Department or work for his uncle at the family store.

"His name was Giuseppe so that's why I named it after him," Jimmy says. "Thanks to him I retired at 50."

Then Stephen pulled him back into the family business at the age of 53.

"He put the place, basically, together," says Jimmy of Stephen.

You see, 11 years ago the Beltucci family followed Gina, Jimmy's daughter and Stephen's sister, to Boise when she enrolled at Boise State University.

"Well, we came and visited a few times first," says the 59-year-old Jimmy. "And then we said, 'This is the place to retire.'"

Only Stephen had an idea to bring a bit of the Big Apple to the City of Trees and give people a chance to branch out from franchise Italian food.

"You know that's just it," says Stephen. "We're just bringing out a concept from the East to the West."

Their customers agree.

"We're both full Italians so finding a place like this is kinda rare," explains one man enjoying a #16 with his friend.

That's what make Giuseppe's a southern Idaho sandwich shop like no other.

"I haven't seen any," says Jimmy. "And I've tried for the first four years that I lived here."

First-timers to Giuseppe's will get the full run-down of the menu, whether they're ready for it or not.

In New York City there's a deli like this on almost every corner.

"You go to Brooklyn, yeah, you'll find it there," says Jimmy. "You go to parts of Queens, you find it. You go to parts of the Bronx, you're finding it."

And now, when you go to parts of Garden City, you're also finding it.

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"This is it, this is us here."

Giuseppe's is located at 6826 N. Glenwood St.