A 'Sub'-urban cowboy and his coffee

Dan Weston makes his coffee runs on four hooves instead of four cylinders.

If you live in the middle of Meridian, Idaho's fastest growing city, and you own a horse there are only so many ways to get them out for exercise.

One way Dan Weston does it is a bareback amble through town.

Every chance he gets, Dan, along with his daughter Alexis, and his friend Sherry, head out not across the south 40, but across the street and into the neighborhood to the north.

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Sitting astride his 16-year-old paint Quarter Horse, Coaster, this is how Dan starts his day in the middle of the afternoon.

"He knows where we're going, he knows the routes," says Dan of Coaster. "I ride every day that I'm home."

That's because Dan's day job is done in darkness, driving a truck overnight to Salt Lake City.

"Five days a week," says Dan.

That's 10 hours on the road, returning early each morning to sleep away most of the day.

"So, if you want to get a quick ride in before you go to work this is what you do," says Dan. "Well, it's what I do.

Another way Dan gets his day going, a lot like what most other people do, is by grabbing a cup of coffee.

Except Dan does the drive-through on four hooves instead of four cylinders. It may look strange, three horses spread across the drive-through, but not to the dayside crew at Dutch Bros.

"It's hilarious, it's hilarious," says Dutch Bros. barista Jackson Scott. "Only in Idaho, only in Idaho with a horse coming through a coffee stand."

Dan's been doing this for a while now and he says horses plodding along the pavement didn't used to be so unusual.

"It used to be this was a common sight in Idaho," he says.

But now, for a kind-of urban cowboy with a taste for fancy coffee, this is what you do in the middle of the afternoon, when you have a horse in the middle of Meridian.

"It's extremely relaxing, very relaxing and it's fun!" says Dan.