KTVB launches new graphics

Change can be hard. This might make it easier: here's a closer look at our new graphics.

When it comes to weather, you'll see big changes in how we present the information you need to plan your day.

And WE HEAR YOU! You'll notice the weather icons have updated since we launched to make them easier to see on the screen.

Then, there are the new ways we'll bring you information on-screen.

Here, you see our "lineup" on the right side of the screen. It will pop up from time to time (it's not up all the time) to show you what stories are coming up next.

Loading ...

The "story bar" will still bring you the headline from the story we're talking about. As you can see, it's a bit smaller than our previous story bar.

When there is breaking news, we will be able to bring you short, informative pieces of information in real time. You'll see these on the left-hand side.

And, our weather graphics have a whole new, streamlined look.

We know many of you will have feelings about it. Send your feedback to KTVBfeedback@ktvb.com.