Work crews stay busy cleaning up damage from storm

Credit: Theresa Plamgren/KTVB

Crews were busy Tuesday morning cutting up and removing toppled trees that were blocking some Boise streets.


by Edgar Linares
Idaho's NewsChannel 7


Posted on October 28, 2009 at 3:15 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 3 at 7:30 PM

BOISE – City clean-up crews have spent much of this Tuesday surveying the damage left behind by a storm that blew through the Treasure Valley.

What's left of a large tree is slowly becoming a pile of wood chips. This after last night's storm knocked out power and knocked down some massive trees.
"Fallen trees, lots of big limbs down," said Brandon Biorn with the City of Boise. "This is the worst one we've been to."
The tree fell right across the road on Jefferson Street.
Amy Rustad saw the tree fall.
"We were heading to our child's orchestra concert. We were driving down this road. The leaves were blowing. All of a sudden this huge thing came crashing down in front of us," Rustad said.
"If you would have left a few seconds earlier, what would have happened you think?" asked NewsChannel 7.
"It totally would have been on us. We were probably 100 feet from it falling on us," Rustad said.
Howard Jones and his family also had a close call. He was in his home having dinner with his wife and two daughters when a large tree fell within inches of his home.
"We finished dinner then about 10 minutes later it slowly fell over," said Jones. 

He is now getting estimates on removing the tree.
Trees weren't the only thing to fall victim by the wind.  A sign on the former Skippers restaurant on Fairview Avenue in Boise was almost torn down by high winds.
“I think the wind definitely did this to the sign last night," said George Blumenschien, owner of  Deli George, just across the street.
Now the sign barely hangs by four bolts, ready to fall any second, and leaving a lot more work for the city.
Biorn says city crews will likely be busy cleaning up into Wednesday and Thursday.