Boise Airport passengers still feel safe to fly after alleged terrorist attacks

Credit: Trevor Loucks/KTVB

Boise Airport passengers still feel safe to fly after alleged terrorist attacks


by Nishi Gupta
Idaho's NewsChannel 7


Posted on December 27, 2009 at 5:49 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 10 at 10:21 AM

BOISE- It’s been a hectic travel weekend: a disruption on a flight to Detroit Sunday and an attempted attack on another Christmas day.

In response, the Secretary of Homeland Security said it's reevaluating no-fly list protocols and procedures.

Sunday was a busy day at Boise Airport as people were flying in and out, bringing an end to the holiday weekend.

Some people were nervous to fly and were expecting long lines and delays due to possible heightened security.

But most told us they did not see any changes.

As news spread of the Nigerian who tried to detonate an explosive on a Michigan-bound flight Friday, the spotlight was on the Transportation Security Administration, the agency tasked with airport security.

"If you're talking about overseas flights coming into this country they should be a little more vigilant about how they look at security," passenger Michael Dunigan said.

Dunigan flew into Boise and said security was the same in the Chicago airport he flew out of.

“I thought it was a little scary that he got through a plane and got that far without everybody catching him," passenger Donna Caruso-Hirst said of the alleged terrorism incident.

Caruso-Hirst said she saw more security than normal in Albuquerque, but did not believe the scrutiny of passengers matched the extra manpower. 

"It seemed like there was more people, more TSA folks that were overseeing what was going on at the security point," she said. “So I guess I expected a little bit more.”

The Secretary of Homeland Security said passengers flying to the U.S. from international locations could see additional security measures at the airport.

But those measures are designed to be unpredictable and passengers should not expect to see the same measures everywhere.

Family, friends, work, whatever the reason, passengers KTVB spoke with said they will continue to fly.

They just hope TSA does its job so they can get where they need to go safely.

"I think that they're doing as best they can do for what they've been trained to do,"  Dunigan said. "I think they can improve on some of their training, but you got people that fall through the cracks with anything."

The Boise Airport is not in charge of changing security procedures, that is left up to the TSA.  A regional spokesman for the TSA told us he can not comment if security there has been stepped up.