Idaho soldier shot at Fort Hood is recovering

Idaho Soldier at Fort Hood shot in the left shoulder.


by Edgar Linares
Idaho's NewsChannel 7


Posted on November 6, 2009 at 1:31 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 7 at 10:09 PM


BOISE -- A north Idaho soldier is one of the 30 wounded in Fort Hood.

He's recovering today in a Texas hospital after he was shot in the left shoulder.

Friday morning we talked with the soldier's father in Post Falls, Idaho.

George Stratton Jr. is the father of George Stratton III, 18.

"It's just incredible, a kid from Idaho just happened to be wrapped in the middle of it," said George Stratton Jr.

George's son joined the Army one year ago and is stationed in Fort Hood, Texas.

Stratton says his son was in the soldier readiness center when the shooting started.

"He said all of sudden he saw the guy come in the door and didn't think nothing of it yet. The guy went around behind him and went behind a desk," Stratton said.

Then he heard some deafening gunshots.

"George said 'dad, I heard about 15 rounds go off really quick," Stratton described. "Then he said he dropped to the ground, got down."

Military officials say the gunman was armed with two guns including a semi-automatic.

In an interview obtained by NBC affiliate KSL, a father whose daughter is stationed at Fort Hood said the gunman yelled "Allah Akbar" before opening fire.

George's son quickly tried to take cover during the gunfire.

"He said, I peeked up and this guy was standing right in front of him, like five feet away.

He then shot him and he went down," said Stratton.

After the shooting Stratton's son grabbed his left shoulder and ran out through the doors.

He was loaded into an ambulance, then called his father on the phone.

"I listened to my voice mail. And it was him in the back of an ambulance saying 'dad I've been shot, but I'm going to be okay, so don't worry about me,'" said Stratton.

Stratton says his family is grateful because his son is one of the lucky ones still alive.

"He said I've seen a lot of people die today. It was pretty traumatizing," said Stratton.

Stratton talked with his son Friday morning.

He says his son didn't need surgery because the bullet went through his body, but is very sore.

Stratton and his wife plan on visiting his son in Texas as soon as possible.