Hydrologists predict solid snow season while others 'pray' for it

Credit: Adam Worthington / KTVB

Hydrologists predict solid snow season while others 'pray' for it


by Andrea Lutz

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Posted on November 18, 2013 at 8:04 AM

Updated Monday, Nov 18 at 8:06 AM

BOISE – Skiers and snowboarders united in downtown Boise Sunday to “Pray for Snow.”

Tom Grainey's held its first annual Pray for Snow Winter Ale Fest at 6th and Grove.

Hundreds of snow enthusiasts came down to support local vendors and breweries, but also to show support for the upcoming ski and snowboard season.

Southern Idaho is getting off to a good start though, because Saturday roughly two inches of snow dropped in many places of the Treasure Valley. Up to 8 inches fell throughout Idaho's mountain areas.

While some snow still lingers, many are excited to see much more.

“I think everyone is so anxious for it to snow and get up there and put their boards and skis,” said Bogus Basin General Manager Alan Moore. “Yeah everyone is anxious you can tell by how happy folks are here today.”

Moore said Bogus has seen some challenging last couple of years, but the conditions are right for this third year to be a charm.

“I think the law of averages is going to help out and we are going to have a great year up there this year,” he said.

Things are a little different at Brundage Mountain near McCall, where folks never seem to have to pray for snow.

“We have not had a problem with snow," said Brundage General Manager Bob Looper.  "Maybe this event brought the 10 inches that we got yesterday, but it’s great.” 

Brundage hopes to open for the Thanksgiving holiday, so they will take all the snow they can get.

“There are a couple of systems coming so we will see what happens,” said Looper.

However, all prayers aside, state hydrologist Ron Abramovich is giving an even better reason that this year, could be an epic snow year.

“This year there is a cold spot over the arctic oceans so the cold temperatures are there and it’s coming earlier than the past couple of years,” he said.

Abramovich said when the ski season is over, it’s also a good indication of what the snow melt will bring for spring.

“That means by April 1st, we will have a near normal snow pack and that will make everybody happy, the skiers, the recreationalists, and the farmers and irrigators too,” said Abramovich.