BSU gets lots of positive national exposure after bowl victory

BSU gets lots of positive national exposure after bowl victory


by Kelsey Jacobson
Idaho's NewsChannel 7


Posted on January 5, 2010 at 4:31 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 6:47 AM


BOISE -- The Broncos are making headlines on a national level.

From ESPN, to CNN, NBC and more -- Boise State is the lead story and on the front page.

But the debate over one hot topic is back and forth.

The Broncos undoubtedly proved their strength -- determination.

While much of the country had its doubts, the Broncos knew what they were capable of, and they are now changing the opinions of football fans across the country.

No surprise. The Broncos made the front pages of every sports Web site we looked at today.

CNN Sports reports a "Show of Force" -- "Time to stop doubting Boise State"

Sports columnist Stewart Mandel says "You'd think we'd learned our lesson the last time these guys came here."

He goes on to say if the Broncos make it back to the Fiesta Bowl next year "We promise never to doubt the Broncos again."

It was a "Perfect End for Bucking Broncos," according to NBC Sports.

But the question there remains -- "Do the unbeaten Broncos belong in national title discussion?"

When Offensive MVP Kyle Efaw was asked that question he said, "maybe next time.  Probably not.  But I mean, maybe next year, I don't know.  We have a great team, and we fight hard, and we're undefeated." 

College football fans disagree though.

An NBC poll asks who should be ranked number one, and 53 percent of voters say Boise State should be number one over Alabama or Texas -- whoever might win the actual national championship.

While that very discussion made the front page of ESPN.COM, college football analyst Jesse Palmer has his own opinion about that hot topic.

"They did beat Oregon, and a very impressive TCU team, but they played in a weak WAC conference.  But I think because of the weakness of their schedule, I do not think Boise State has a legitimate argument to be crowned national champs," said Palmer.

Others feel the Broncos victory will just fuel the debate over the BCS system.

"It was the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and well... it had the feel of the BCS kids table.  A couple of the unbeatens who are not going to get a shot at a National Title because well... the BCS exists."

"These Broncos come in, take care of business, are undefeated, what did they prove though by beating TCU last night."

"I think that they proved it's time for us to look at how we rank teams."

"We're asking you, poll question today -- Does Boise State deserve a shot at the national championship?"

When we looked at that poll this morning – 58 percent of voters said YES -- Boise State deserves a shot.

No matter where they end up officially in the polls, they'll always be number one with Bronco Nation.

And the discussion continues online.  Since last night's win, comments have continued to appear on Facebook and Twitter. 

We want to show you what people are talking about.

Some Facebook comments that have come in include...

"So proud to be a Bronco!"

"It feels like Christmas morning!"

And "What makes it even sweeter is all the pro-sports analysts didn't believe.  I hope BSU will get the respect they earned by dominating year after year."

The Twitter feeds were blowing up last night -- fans were even tweeting from the game in Glendale, Arizona!

Some questions mentioned today...

"I wonder how many people will say Boise State is over-rated?"

And "Toss up.  Who should be number two?  Boise State or Florida?"