Highs today were colder than yesterday and we are expected to remain well-below-average when it comes to temperatures into next week. Thin, low level clouds will remain as well for the next several days with a good possibility of fog developing in many areas overnight. Some of those locations will see freezing fog as overnight lows will stay in the teens. The fog is expected to develop like last night, east of Boise and head westward.

Because of the snow still on the ground and a ridge of high pressure sliding into place we are in the middle of our first inversion of the season. That means we will see cold, dry conditions continue and temperatures in the mountains to be as warm or warmer than the valleys into next week.

A couple of low pressure systems, one to our south, another out in the Pacific, will not do much to break the inversion. As we get through the weekend the low off the coast will join with the one to our south and begin to finally move eastward on Sunday. Unfortunately, the ridge of high pressure over us will hold in place. Even the low pressure system off the Alaskan coast will be pushed north of our area as it moves towards us by Monday and Tuesday.

It doesn't look as if we are going to break this inversion until the end of next week as a low pressure system will eventually force the ridge east and bring in a chance of showers and warmer temperatures for the Treasure Valley.

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