BOISE-- The Idaho Stampede may be out of contention to make the NBA D-League playoffs, but their season is not over, and they aim to play like it isn't. The Stampede still have four games remaining on the schedule, and say that they are going to play those games as if they had playoff implications.
Unfortunately, some things just didn't work out during the season, head coach Randy Livingston said. But, the guys are going to continue to battle and continue to compete.
The remaining games could also be another chance for players to impress NBA teams thinking about adding players late in the season.
Every time you step on the court you've got to play for your pride, for your team pride and for your self pride. You can't just go out there and lay down, center Mikki Moore said. I would love to get a call up, to be on a playoff team. But right now, it's the last four games.
The Stampede will be on the road this weekend at Reno starting on Friday night.

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