MERIDIAN -- Several parents called NewsChannel Seven to report issues with transportation in the West Ada School District.

Four schools in the district started classes Tuesday, and some parents were upset by bus problems.

Andrea Barrows had busing issues with both her kindergartner and her second-grader. Her second-grader Brooke spent about an hour on the bus Tuesday afternoon.

"She would normally be at the bus stop at 4:20," said Barrows. "I'm standing out waiting for her to arrive from the bus stop from the bus to drop her off and it was about 4:44. I called the bus yard to find out where they were and he had told me that she wasn't going to be dropped of 'til 4:59."

She said her daughter was hungry and confused when she finally got off the bus. Her kindergartner had bus issues of her own.

"They did a contracted busing which brought back midday kindergarten, which they didn't do last year, which was a good thing, we thought," Barrows said. "The mid-day kindergarten buses didn't show up to bring home my kindergartner, so that's where I was upset for one point."

Four of the district's 51 schools started on Tuesday.

"It's going to be even longer once the other schools get started, which is even more upsetting," Barrows said.

Other parents told NewsChannel Seven that the buses were overcrowded. One mom even said her child was missing for more than an hour.

Eric Exline, public information officer for the West Ada School District, admits there could have been better communication with parents.

"We had a few issues day one, and the main ones that I have talked with people about were in relation to issues with kindergarten busing," said Exline.

The district just reinstated busing for half-day kindergarten, and have changed who is in morning and who is in afternoon classes. Exline chalked up most of the other issues to "start of school" problems.

"I don't want to make light that there haven't been issues, because again, I just can't find a trend to them as much as 'my child got on the wrong bus' or 'the stop wasn't where I thought it was going to be,'" Exline said.

He says the overcrowding problem might be an issue when the rest of the schools in the district start up.

If you and your child have busing issues with the West Ada School District, you are encouraged to call transportation at 855-4440.

The rest of the schools in the district starts on August 25th.

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