READING, Penn. -- Police in Reading, Pennsylvania say they've caught the man responsible for killing two men in Boise back in May.

John C. Douglas, 44, was arrested Monday morning in Reading. Police say he is responsible for the killings of 28-year-old Elliot Bailey and 27-year-old Travontae Calloway.

The pair were fatally shot inside a Boise Bench home May 8. Calloway's girlfriend was also shot, but survived.

Douglas was arrested without incident early Monday morning as he walked near his Reading home. He has been charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

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"Boise Police appreciate the cooperation of the Reading Police Department in assisting with a case that has been a priority for Boise officers," said Sgt. Mark Barnett of the Boise Police Criminal Investigation Division in a statement. Boise Police detectives are in Reading to investigate, and will seek to have Douglas extradited back to Idaho.

Boise resident Samari Winn was arrested the day after the shootings. He is accused of leading the killer to the men's door, and has been charged with two counts of aiding and abetting murder and one count of aiding and abetting attempted murder.

Police say Winn, a friend of the two slain men, knocked on the door to Calloway's Orchard Street home. When the occupants opened the door, a shooter stepped around Winn and fired into the house, police say. Calloway's girlfriend, who was shot in the arm as she fled up the stairs, identified the killer as a heavy-set black man with a beard.

She testified she recognized the man from time spent working on a marijuana farm in California with Calloway, although she said she did not know the man's name.

Winn's defense attorney, Randall Barnum, said in court earlier this month the shootings happened after the victims stole 30 pounds of marijuana. He cast doubts on the testimony of the prosecution's main witness, the woman who survived the shooting, pointing out she told 911 dispatchers that she didn't recognize either man involved in the shooting. She told police the same thing, but later recanted and said Winn and the man at the pot farm were the culprits.

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Barnum said Monday that he had just found out about Douglas' arrest, and that it was too early for him to comment.

Twin Falls Prosecutor Grant Loebs, who is handling both cases declined to release information about why or how long Douglas was in Idaho, what evidence tied him to the killings, or other details about the arrest.

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