NAMPA -- Another fiscal year is coming to a close, which means city agencies in Nampa are all looking for their share the city's budget.

This all comes after new mayor Bob Henry has asked city departments to tow the line, and keep budgets at or below current levels.

A big part of the budget for Nampa is capital needs, like equipment and facilities. For the Nampa Police Department, having a good fleet of patrol cars is a big part of that.

Nampa Police Chief Craig Kingsbury says their fleet of patrol cars is getting old. They have 56 patrol cars and 25 of those have more than 100,000 miles. Many are the old Ford Crown Victorias, which are no longer being made.

The problem that we have with those older Crown Vic(toria) Police Interceptors is finding parts, said Kingsbury. You pretty much have to go to eBay. It's really difficult to find some of those.

The Nampa Police Department is getting six new cars, and they've decided to size up from the sedans they have been buying.

The last couple of years we have purchased the Ford sedan police cars, made on a Taurus frame, Kingsbury said. It's a little bit smaller, quite honestly it's not very comfortable, it's cramped, not as much room for equipment, etc.

Now, they're transitioning to the Ford Explorer models for their new cars. They have a few in the fleet already, and Kingsbury said his officers much prefer them to the smaller cars.

They're a little more functional, they're a little bit bigger, a little higher up so they can see more, they can carry more equipment in them, he said. They are a lot better office for really, not a whole lot more money.

The Ford Explorer model is about $1,700 more than the sedan. Still, Nampa Police are decreasing their budget by $100,000. Their budget for the current fiscal year is $18.4 million, and the budget they have set thus far for fiscal year 2015 is $18.3 million.

Kingsbury asked the city council for eight new patrol cars, but said he is pleased that they will be getting six of the new SUVs.

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