BOISE -- As Idaho gets ready to celebrate Independence Day with all the usual incredible fireworks shows, the Idaho Humane Society gets ready as well, but for something else. We just go into overflow, and we ask for a lot of volunteers to help us, said Carrie Sandirk.

Sandirk has been a volunteer with the Idaho Humane Society for 14 years, and says it never fails. The day after the 4th of July, or whenever the big fireworks displays are, they see an influx of pets brought in.

They're mostly dogs, who ran off from their owners when they were frightened by the fireworks.

Sandirk says, Though they may be in a kennel or outside on a leash, the minute those fireworks go off, they just get really scared, and they will get loose.

That's why Sandirk recommends you keep your pets inside the house during those displays. Because while you're having fun, they're not.

We recommend that they keep the animals inside, preferably in a room that's farthest away from where the display is happening. She also says, if you're heading to a park to see a fireworks show, keep your pets at home. Trying to keep them in the car, just won't work.

They do tend to get out of vehicles. Plus, it's also going to be hot. So, having them in the vehicle in the first place, is not recommended. And then, to keep them in a vehicle near a situation where the fireworks are going off, that's just adding insult to injury.

Sandirk says some pet-owners have had success with aromatherapy to calm their pets during fireworks shows, but again, she says, it's best just to keep them inside.

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