BOISE -- A week after what some people are calling a meltdown at the Idaho Republican Convention, this weekend the Idaho Democratic Party is also holding their convention up in Moscow.

They will set out to create a party platform, work with the more than 300 delegates and activists, and introduce statewide candidates to the delegates.

We anticipate some lively discussion, lively, yet civil and cohesive, said Idaho Democratic Party Communication Director Dean Ferguson.

Ferguson also goes on to say, What the Republicans did last week was give an example of how not to get business accomplished. I don't think I've seen anybody come up with an example of that ever happening before in Idaho.

KTVB Political Analyst Dr. Jim Weatherby said the fracturing within Idaho's Republican Party started at the Idaho GOP Convention in Sandpoint in 2008.

I think one of the objectives of the Democrats is to have a smoothly-run convention and to actually conduct business, Weatherby said.

Weatherby said this is the time for the Idaho Democrats to get competitive.

I think the Democrats have been given an incredible gift, and indeed they need to take advantage of it and to reach out to independents, disaffected Republicans, said Weatherby. They have a fairly strong cast of candidates to reach out and to be fairly competitive in a number of statewide races as well as legislative races.

Weatherby said the statewide races to watch are Secretary of State, Governor, and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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