BOISE -- There are big changes coming to transportation in Boise and the whole Grove area.

Construction is slated to begin July 1st on the transportation center underneath the Grove.

Construction on the rest of the City Center Plaza Project will start in January of 2015. It's all scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2016.

That's all news coming out of a meeting Thursday between Valley Regional Transit and the Multimodal Advisory Committee. That committee is made up of local folks and organizations who have been working with Valley Transit to try and get the transportation center built.

The center will supposedly be a central hub for transportation, including buses, cyclists and pedestrians. It will go underneath the Grove, with the buses entering on ramps on Capitol Boulevard and exiting on Main Street.

It will cost $11.9 million to build, with $9.5 million to come from federally-awarded funds. The rest will come from Boise s Capital City Development Corporation.

The project has not been without controversy.

Last year, the Department of Lands blocked the center going in off Jefferson Street, which is why it was moved to the Grove.

Also, some business owners on the Basque Block are worried the center will just create more congestion on Capitol Boulevard.

COO of Gardner Company, Tommy Ahlquist, says if they started with a blank slate, they could've gone a whole different direction with the design. However, given they had to work with the existing structures, Ahlquist says this is a great design.

We have studied and studied and studied, said Ahlquist. The last thing that we want to do is something that won't function for our building and for our clients. This is as good as it gets. Sure, if we were to build this somewhere outside of what was already build, could there be a few tweaks? Yes. But, we think this will work just fine for parking, our tenants, and the bus access.

The Gardner Company also built the 8th and Main building. City Center Plaza will look similar to the 8th and Main building, with mirrored windows, but with more metal.

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