CANYON COUNTY - A Nampa man who deputies say feigned unconsciousness in a bid to avoid arrest after a burglary victim chased him down is facing multiple charges.

Canyon County Sheriff's Office deputies were responding to a report of a burglary Friday night when they found 21-year-old Aleksandr Gannotskiy lying shirtless on the ground with his eyes closed. He did not move when a deputy spoke to him. Paramedics who attempted to rouse the man determined he was only pretending to be sleeping or unconscious.

When the paramedics tried to help Gannotskiy to his feet, he refused to get up, so they lifted him and carried him toward an ambulance.

That's when the suspect spit in a deputy's face, according to police documents. He's also accused of spitting on a paramedic as he was loaded into the ambulance.

Another man told deputies he had chased Gannotskiy after the suspect broke into his home. The victim said he had been watching television when Gannotskiy opened a sliding glass door and walked in with a suitcase that had been pilfered from the his garage.

When the home's occupants asked Gannotskiy who he was, he ran through their kitchen and out another door, dropping the suitcases, according to the incident report. The victims followed him, one hopping onto a four-wheeler to give chase as Gannotskiy climbed over several fences.

Gannotskiy attempted to kick one of the victims who got close to him, but slipped and fell. The victim grabbed him, and tried to bring him back towards the house, but Gannotskiy climbed beneath a fence and pretended to pass out, the victim said.

That's when the victims called the Canyon County Sheriff's Office. After Gannotskiy was transported to the hospital, deputies found the victims' garage had been rifled through.

At the hospital, deputies say Gannotskiy was combative, spitting on a nurse and biting a deputy on the arm while screaming racial slurs. He was arrested at the hospital after being evaluated.

Gannotskiy has been charged with a slew of crimes: malicious harassment, assault on a law enforcement officer, propelling bodily fluid at a law enforcement officer, burglary, petit theft, assault, and battery. He is also under an immigration hold while investigators determine whether he is in the United States legally.

A court date has not yet been set.

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