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BOISE -- A special Memorial Day ceremony was held at the Morris Hill Cemetery where the Idaho Civil War volunteers raised flags and gave a gun salute to fallen soldiers.

On a day when so many are remembering the fallen, three brothers got together in Idaho to remember their heritage.

This is really special to be able to be here together, said Cliff Nuzman.

The brothers have roots buried in Idaho.

My brother Cliff had never seen my grandfather's grave, explained Ron, the oldest brother.

The three men stood in a row of white headstones with American flags next to each. Eetched on one of the headstones was the name Alfred Nuzman.

He served in the Spanish-American War, both in Cuba and in the Philippines, Ron Nuzman said. Both he and his brother after the war went to work for the Union Pacific Railroad (and) drilled wells. But eventually came back to Idaho where they had been raised.

The brothers traveled from California, Texas and Utah to be in Idaho for Memorial Day.

It s been a real treat to see that for the first time, sort of to meet my grandfather, said Cliff Nuzman.

But the brothers journey didn t stop at the Morris Hill Cemetery. Clyde explained that their grandfather has family, including three children buried in Donnelly, but there are no markers on the graves.

So we are going to put headstones on all of them said Clyde Nuzman.

It has been a discovery of their family's heritage, starting with their grandfather s service to our country.

I have a notebook that he kept while he was in the Spanish-American War. (It) told about him loaning money to other soldiers, told about (him) being sick and losing a lot of weight, said Ron Nuzman.

We do have a couple of pictures of our grandfather in uniform, said Cliff. So that adds a little more to the story too.

Because they all live out of state and are not sure when they will be back in Idaho together again, this Memorial Day is very special for them.

We are getting old and the get-togethers are going to end sometime in the future but we enjoy getting together, said Ron Nuzman.

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