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BOISE -- Boise Police say they have identified the woman who went into various southwest Idaho businesses with a sad story ending with a plea for hundreds of dollars in cash.

Business owners and managers told KTVB the older woman identified herself as Cheryl Barnes and would come into their shops saying her late husband left the owner a 1950s era truck. After telling the story, she would tearfully say she was in danger of losing her home and needed a few hundred dollars in cash. Some store employees have given the woman money after hearing her story.

On Monday, KTVB showed security video from one of the shops. On Tuesday, more business owners came forward and police detectives tied at least two of their reports together.

On Wednesday afternoon, Boise Police said they'd shared information with other law enforcement agencies in several cities and states investigating a similar crime.

Police now believe the woman is from Washington state. The department says it will not release the woman's name because she is not currently charged with a crime.

Boise Police say this story has been a good reminder to be wary of scams and look at the behavior, not the person . Many of the targeted business owners said the woman was incredibly believable because of her age and well-practiced story.

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