BOISE -- After a series of sold out performances in 2011, hit Broadway musical Wicked is back in the Treasure Valley.

The show tells the story of two witches in the Land of Oz long before Dorothy drops in.

Wicked opens at the Morrison Center Wednesday night. The cast will take the stage 24 times before the final curtain in May.

Filled with colorful costumes, special effects and memorable music, Wicked is a complex production that includes a combined 70 cast and crew members to pull off.

There's also a huge amount of props, gear, and technical equipment.

We travel with 13 semi trucks full of equipment, so there's almost 300 lights, there's almost 100 speakers, this deck is about 100 pieces that are jigsawed together and put together, said Company Manager Ryan Lympus.

Lympus says it takes a large crew three days to set up the stage and prepare everything for the show. The crew says the show's custom deck is one reason for success with audiences.

It's a very special deck made with wood and the gears. It brings the whole stage together, said Lympus. There's tracks inside the stage that allow the set pieces to move on and off.

Assistant Electrician Katie Blanch is one of the traveling crew members. She helps make sure set pieces are assembled safely and correctly.

We definitely try to do a little bit of maintenance as we load in, but we also get work calls to be able to maintain everything and keep it in good shape, said Blanch.

A lot of the show's magic is hidden in the lights and electrical cords audiences don't see. With so many special effects and moving parts, Wicked uses a lot of electricity.

We're pulling in power from pretty much we can in the building to get it to where they need it, said Morrison Center Master Electrician Dan Allers.
 I know it spins the meter, he added with a laugh.

Allers told us being able to bring this Broadway blockbuster back to Boise is a dream come true.

I'm just proud to be a part of it, he said. We get to see the latest technologies, we get to see things that, you know, we just can't do here in Boise, Idaho on our own with the productions.

Seeing the joy the show gives to audiences makes all this hard work worth it. Lympus said about 100 people from the Treasure Valley were also hired on to make Wicked come to life.

You are going to see one of the most spectacular musicals of all time and you're going to see a story that you may be very familiar with, but you're going to now see it in a whole new different way, said Lympus of the Wicked experience.

The Fred Meyer Broadway in Boise production runs through May 4 at the Morrison Center.

Tickets are still available for some of the 24 performances. Prices range from $55 to $155.

For more information on the show or to purchase tickets, click here.

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