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BOISE -- The Broadway blockbuster Wicked is coming back to Boise and opens Wednesday at the Morrison Center. But crews are already hard at work setting up the stage, a process they say will take three days.

70 people travel with the cast and crew to each city and about 100 were hired from right here in the Treasure Valley to help. Organizers say each city and venue presents new challenges because the show requires so much equipment.

We travel with 13 semi trucks full of equipment, said Ryan Lympus, the Wicked National Tour Company Manager. There's almost 300 lights, there's almost 100 speakers, this deck is about 100 pieces that are jigsawed together and put together.

The show will play at the Morrison Center for more than two weeks. Tickets are sill available for many of the performances with prices ranging from $55 up to $155.

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