BOISE -- The Boise State Broncos weren't the only ones showing their stuff and getting their hearts pumping at the spring game. Saint Luke's Children's Hospital and the folks from FitOne hosted a kids combine to get children active.

Saturday outside Bronco Stadium, kids ran, threw, and jumped at their very own fitness event.

Today they get to go through a mini-combine, said Jean Mutchie, St. Luke's Children's Program Manager. They actually get to mimic some of the things that the players are doing.

Some former Broncos who went on to the NFL were even on hand to encourage them.

Any time they have the ability to see their role models model the behavior that we want them to adopt, it's great, said Mutchie. It feels like something they want to do instead of something they have to do.

Folks from St. Luke's say fitness is critically important to kids' well being.

There was a survey out last week, a study that said that heavier kids have actually doubled, the trend has doubled in the last couple years, Mutchie said. So we need to get kids and families out engaged together and promote health and wellness and it's just a great opportunity.

Parents recognize there are more distractions and inside activities.

It's difficult now with computers and cell phones and stuff like that kids are more attracted to stuff like that, where they need to get outside and get some more exercise, said Eric Adams, father of an eight-year-old son.

They hope watching, meeting, and training like the team will inspire future Broncos to lead an active lifestyle.

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