BOISE -- Fire investigators are looking into what caused two vehicles to burst into flames Sunday afternoon.

The fire destroyed two cars and damaged two others on a lot off West Gowen Road. The lot is used to store a number of older vehicles.

While on their way to the fire, firefighters called for a second alarm because of all the smoke billowing from the scene.

Battalion Chief Jake Ellis said the second alarm was precautionary.

We always talk about reflex time, Ellis said. And that's why we're pretty quick at calling, because by the time we realize we need help, sometimes the time it takes to get it is too long.

No structures were threatened or damaged and no injuries were reported.

Investigators are now trying to find out was caused the cars to catch fire.

It's a concern at this point, because vehicles sitting, that don't run, don't typically catch fire on their own, said Ellis.

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