BOISE -- One the most controversial bills to come out of the Idaho Statehouse this year was the guns on campus bill.

The measure, passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Otter will become law this summer. It will allow people with an enhanced concealed-carry permit to bring concealed weapons on college and university campuses.

Boise Chief of Police Mike Masterson has not made his stance on the bill a secret. He even appeared on national TV to voice his concerns over it.

In a taping of Viewpoint on Thursday, Masterson said that he is still unhappy about the outcome and feels as if he was played in a political game at the Statehouse.

Even this police chief recognizes when he hears the state senator say the governor has already said he'll sign this and we have the votes, that their minds are made up, he said. At least they could've went through the process of listening to the concerns, so that they were placed on the public record.

The powerful National Rifle Association weighed in on the bill some called a 2nd Amendment protection enforcer, but Masterson said his request to speak to lawmakers during a committee hearing last month was not granted.

He said the passage of the guns on campus bill may open the door for other, similar measures, all in the name of protecting 2nd Amendment rights.

I sense from seeing what's going on elsewhere in the country that next year or the year after we're going to see proposals come forward that say you should be able to carry a gun in an airport, Masterson said. And if you're caught by the TSA, there shouldn't be any type of penalties. You know, I completely disagree with that, and I think my colleagues do as well.

You can watch the full interview with Chief Masterson on Viewpoint this Sunday at 9 a.m. following Meet the Press.

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