BOISE-- Vicky Parrish-Williams helped write the words Senator Fred Martin read aloud to lawmakers at the Statehouse on Tuesday.

For $50, we can help prevent other families from being taken too soon by supporting the Senate resolution for carbon monoxide detectors in every home, Martin read.

The senator asked Idahoans if their lives and those of their loved ones were worth more than $50, about the average cost of a carbon monoxide detector.

What Martin read wasn't a bill aimed at more public spending, rather it was a resolution aimed at educating the public.

Parrish-Williams and her husband approached the Boise Republican after four of their family members passed away in February.

Bill Parrish, his wife Ross, and the couples' two children, Liam and Keegan died of carbon monoxide poisoning. There was no carbon monoxide detector in the home.

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Vicky Parrish-Williams asked Senator Martin to tell the family's story: a story of deaths that could have been prevented; a story of two adult children left without a mother, father, sisters and brothers.

Doing his part, Martin wrote the cautionary tale into a resolution meant to inform the public.

For 50 dollars, this beautiful family could have continued to live their lives together, Martin told those gathered in the Senate.

In response, Parrish-Williams said she was thankful for the senator's remarks, and said she believed more people were now aware of the importance of carbon monoxide detectors in homes that need them.

Somebody told me they were sold out here in Boise, Parrish-Williams told KTVB. I know they were in Pocatello, so the message is getting out.

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