SAINT MARIES, Idaho.--The Saint Joe River in Saint Maries, Idaho hit flood stage Monday.

The Saint Joe River was expected to rise another couple of feet, according to a hydrology report.

One family had a pump going for five hours, sucking water out of a ditch.

That whole thing is way over 10 feet deep, said one resident. We borrowed this pump and starting pumping water and we've got it to drop down about a foot so far today.

Robert Bliss rents a mobile home and said the flooding Monday was the second time in one week that the area around his home has flooded.

The first time it happened, we got all of that snow and then it melted. That's actually probably what caused it last time was most of the snow melting and raining, but this time it was just from rain, said Bliss.

Sewers were overflowing in St. Maries and the St. Joe continued to rise.

Graphs show the river is expected to rise two more feet and crest late Tuesday afternoon.

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