BOISE -- Boise State University's Venture College was launched a year ago and it is picking up steam.

On Tuesday, one of the nation's most unique non-academic higher education models received a $75,000 donation from Zion's Bank, which bought into the idea of a university helping young entrepreneur s launch their idea using local business volunteers and their resources.

Like Dallas Crum and Conner Kingsbury, two students who are in the process of starting up a sports lifestyle clothing line with a non-profit element that uses a portion of their sales to donate to environmental issues.

We are going to create businesses with these students and some of them are going to go on to hire a lot of people and go on to build big businesses and long after I'm gone will be generous with their Alma Mater and come back and help those kinds of programs continue, said Boise State Venture College director Kevin Learned.

The Venture College has helped three students launch their business model into the marketplace.

The Zions Bank donation will enable the college to expand the number of students it can accept into the program.

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