MARYSVILLE -- It would take a keen eye to notice anything wrong with Donovan Doroski's Jeep. Sitting in the parking lot of the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office in Marysville, it's still white, it still runs and it still has all its windows.

But 20-year-old Doroski knew something was wrong.

Iwas proud of how flawless it was, he said, It's going to be different.

Wednesday, the Jeep was stolen from a Seattle hotel parking garage. Doroski is in town from Hood River, Oregon for cancer treatment. His father is donating for a bone marrow transplant.

If it works, it works, Donovan said of the procedure, If it doesn't, that's kind of it.

Doroski has battled cancer for three years, and the car lover got the Jeep just a month ago.

Friday, the family got word it had been found in a Granite Falls farm field.

Ihave mixed feelings, Doroski said of getting the car back, Ihate to see it like this, but I love having it back.

His stereo was ripped out. Expensive tires and wheels were swapped out for smaller, cheap ones. Other additions to the car were damaged or removed.

But, Doroski was confident he could make it cool again .

Then, as he prepared to drive the car to a garage with his father, they both got word a local Pep Boys was going to donate a new battery, wheels and tires.

It nearly brought Doroski to tears. Minutes later, a local hotel room was donated as well.

Twenty minutes ago, Ididn't know if I'd have a vehicle to drive, he said, Here, Ihave it back and I'm getting new tires, wheels and a battery and a place to stay.

It's unbelievable.

All that's left for Doroski, the unbelievable feeling of being cancer-free.

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