EAGLE -- An Eagle couple isn't taking anything for granted this Valentine's Day. Their love story is far from typical. But that means they appreciate each other even more.

The story starts out innocent enough.

He said that I picked him up at the bowling alley, but that isn't true, says Barbara Maurer of her husband Ted.

Yes it is, too, he quips back.

There are definitely a few things the two don't agree on.

She doesn't care for seafood, Ted is quick to point out.

He also likes grits. They're horrible! Barbara responds.

But at the end of the day, Ted and Barbara Maurer are willing to compromise for each other, all in the name of true love.

Oh I thought he was pretty cute, says Barbara of the first time she saw Ted.

For the record, the two did meet at a Treasure Valley bowling alley back in the 1940s. An 18-year-old Ted was stationed at Gowen Field. Barbara was 15 or 16 years old.

Pretty young, she adds.

They hit it off right away. But after a few months of dating, Ted was sent overseas to the South Pacific. He flew B-25 bombers in World War II.

I really missed Barbara a lot, says Ted.

Despite their spark, the couple lost touch.

I thought of him from time to time, adds Barbara.

When the war ended, Ted moved back to Florida. He married and had children. Barbara married and had kids, too.

Life went on, but this love story was just put on hold.

It just all fell into place, says Barbara of their love affair.

Fast forward to 1997. Ted was divorced. Barbara, a widow.

I got her telephone number, says Ted.

He had called an Army buddy to catch up. Turns out, his old friend had married Barbara's sister. The friend encouraged Ted to give her a call.

It had been 52 years since the two first met.

I couldn't believe it. Ted? says Barbara when recalling that first phone conversation.

We talked for quite a while didn't we? adds Ted.

Yes...his first telephone bill was $500, says Barbara.

Just like all those years before, their connection came easy.

We just decided that we would get married instead of making all those cell phone calls, says Barbara.

They said I do on February 14, 1998. Now, 16 years later, they're still honeymooning.

Ted and Barbara believe their love story is part of a bigger plan.

I think that God brought us together, says Barbara.

And they're taking advantage of all the time they have left.

We're planning on a big future, she adds.

That's one thing Ted and Barbara certainly agree on.

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