BOISE -- Military women and wives had a chance Wednesday to be pampered and be in the spotlight.

So often the focus can be on the men who are serving our country, but the women who stay behind are sacrificing as well.

Jani Bergdahl, mother of captured Idaho soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, was one of the 30 women to take part in the Military Wives Makeover. She spoke exclusively to KTVB.

The women were either a wife, mother or military veteran.

It made me feel very special and what I did counted, said Jill Wright, an Army veteran.

They got the attention they deserved but in a way that was a little different than they re used to.

It's just nice to have that recognition that we are important and we are serving the country too, said Shannon Foster, whose husband is in the Air Force.

The Ross store in Garden City gave each women a $75 gift card.

I would never spend this amount of money on that dress anyway, if I was here with a budget, you know, I'd give myself a very small portion of that as a mom, said Foster.

Each picked a nice outfit to wear to dinner, then got to choose whatever they wanted at Oliver Finley Academy, a salon; gestures that went a long way.

It means a lot, said Jani Bergdahl. The wives and the mothers, you know, they basically stay home and they have a lot to deal with because you never really know minute to minute what's going on over there. We, especially in our shoes, don't always know, but it's nice to feel special.

It will be fun to see what hints they can give us. Pampered. Yeah, and do something with the hair, said Jani Bergdahl.

She also took the chance to talk to her son.

If Bowe hears this, we love you Bowe, stand strong. We're standing strong for Bowe, said Jani Bergdahl.

And these 30 women stand strong for each other, because they know what it's like to be in the military.

If we can make one day, make them feel important and change their lives, which we see it doing every year, that's enough for us, said Cathy Cardenas, organizer of Military Wives Makeover.

After dinner, the women will listen to a guest speaker and a musical performance, then get a chance to tell their stories. Many say those stories are the best part of the makeover experience.

If you want to volunteer or sign up for a makeover for next year, click here.

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