BOISE -- A semi-trailer carrying some very valuable cargo crashed on Interstate 84 early Tuesday morning near the Cole-Overland exit after the truck hit a light pole and struck several concrete barriers.

KTVB has learned there was only item on the trailer, a painting donated to a museum believed to be valued at around $2 million. A spokesperson for B & W Wrecker Service says the painting was not damaged in the crash and is back on it ways to the museum. For security reasons, no other information was released to the media.

Idaho State Police say it all stated when a passenger car hit a light pole around 2:30 a.m. causing it to fall across the eastbound lanes. That's when another car and a semi truck hit it.

We had the semi that was coming along and he hit the large end of it. It was in the second lane and basically took his steering out and pulled him to the left and into the center median guardrail, said Sgt. FredRice, Idaho State Police.

The semi truck finally came to a stop when it hit a retaining wall.

The crash injured the truck driver and two passengers. They were taken to the hospital.

Sgt. Rice says two have minor injuries and another person has an injured wrist and several fractured ribs.

After the crash, the eastbound lanes were closed for more than an hour while crews treated victims and cleaned up debris. The westbound lanes were closed for even longer, close to three hours, so crews could clear the road.

The whole west interstate was covered with diesel which made it extremely slick and hazardous. So we had that to deal with, added Sgt. Rice.

Police are searching for the car that initially hit the light pole and caused it to fall. The driver left the scene after the crash. Investigators still aren't sure why it left the road and hit the pole.

They say the occupants of the second passenger car that hit the fallen pole weren't injured.

All lanes of I-84 were back open by 6:00 a.m. Tuesday.

Idaho State Police say so far, no citations have been issued.

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