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IDAHO CITY The inversion that just about everybody in the Treasure Valley has been living with over the last several weeks has been no doubt annoying, but what happened in Idaho City this last weekend no one could have seen coming, inundating the town.

For businesses in a town with a population in the hundreds, it's no secret that out-of-towners are a big part of business.

This past weekend there were no events in Idaho City and really no snow, regardless people came in droves.

We had a line from the door to the middle of the parking lot for four hours on Saturday and people were just super, said Trudy Jackson.

Trudy's Kitchen was one of the many restaurants that saw a significant boom in business. It did a week s worth in just two days, all because people in the valley wanted to get out of the inversion and see the sun.

Everybody was so happy, said Jackson. They were standing out there in the sun like this, going it's okay Trudy, when you get to us, you get to us.

It was the same situation over at Donna's Place.

We had no clue in the world this was coming, said Skip Myers, co-owner of Donna s Place.

In just two days, Donna's did two week s worth of business.

Sunday was double Saturday, said Myers. It was crazy. We had people waiting for an hour outside the building.

Two days later, the streets were mostly empty, a few people still in town to see what you can't see anywhere else.

Just get out of town, see some sun, said Rick Tidd who came up from Boise.

And while the snowpack is not normal for this time of year, it didn't stop a Meridian family from pulling out their sleds.

We just came up here to have a little fun, get out of the inversion and just spend the day, said Kim Zimmerman.

In fact, this is the second day in a row the Zimmermans made the trip from the valley.

It's just depressing not seeing the sun every day, it's just been really cold, said Zimmerman.

For towns like Idaho City, they depend these big weekends to pull people in.

What's even more surprising to the businesses owners, the largest crowd they've ever seen happened the same weekend as the McCall Winter Carnival.

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