BOISE -- The man who admitted to killing and raping a Boise woman on the Greenbelt in 1998 has been given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Patrick Zacharias pleaded guilty last month to the rape and murder of Kay Lynn Jackson. In exchange for the guilty pleas, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty in today's sentencing.

Zacharias admitted to the crimes, but through his lawyer today, said he did not remember committing the crimes, and was an addict and essentially homeless when the murder occurred.

Zacharias' attorney said he was very sorry for what happened and is a different person now, but accepts the consequences of his actions.

There was no testimony today, because it was just up to Judge Ronald Wilper to accept or not accept the plea deal that was already hammered out, and he did.

Zacharias will have no right to appeal.

Zacharias is already in prison, serving a life sentence for lewd conduct with a minor.

Last year, Boise Police detectives were able to link Zacharias to this cold case through DNA.

In court, Judge Wilper wondered how many crimes he may have committed, if he wasn't in prison.

Zacharias did make a very brief statement.

No, your honor, I don't feel any words I can say will redeem me, so I don't have anything to say, he said.

The Jacksons were in court today. They chose not to testify since both sides had already agreed to the plea deal. They also did not to talk to the media, but said they may in the future.

However, they did looked relieved that this terrible chapter in their lives is over.

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