BOISE-- The Boise City Council unanimously voted to amend the city's controversial panhandling ordinance Tuesday, removing several portions that prohibited panhandling near areas like bus stops, sidewalk cafes, and banks.

The council will continue to enforce a portion that makes it illegal for a panhandler to be aggressive while asking for money.

The move comes after the ACLU and others challenged those parts of the ordinance in federal court, and a federal judge ordered the city to stop enforcing those portions earlier this month as he heard the case.

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter said he was cautiously confident in the newly-changed law.

We won't have to spend time in court, but we'll work on the ordinance and bring it back in a year and see how things are going, Bieter said, adding but we do think we're in a workable situation that will serve us well.

Those against the ordinance brought signs of protest to hold up during Tuesday's meeting.

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