Note: The sounds may disturb you because of the way the dog is whimpering.

BOISE -- It was in two months ago a family dog was shot and killed by a Boise Police officer.

Now that the investigation is over, Boise Police have released the audio on the officer at the time

It took Boise Police this long to complete an internal review of policy, which is something that happens any time an officer fires their weapon.

Now, not only is the department speaking about it, they also want to share the audio with us.

In the audio, you can t hear the gun shot because it overwhelms the microphone the officer was wearing, but you can clearly hear the dog, whose name was Kita, turn her bark into a growl and then a clear whimper.

Deputy Chief William Bones says the officers had seconds to respond to the situation, and the physical evidence from where the dog was shot in connection to where the officers were standing means the officer acted appropriately.

We are not perfect people, but we try to do our best and it's a tragedy whenever a member of our community is injured or we're unable to provide the best care for them. In this case it was a dog, but that was a member of someone's family, and we are sorry, said Bones.

A question many viewers asked, when KTVB first reported the story, was if they should have used a stun gun, but Bones says using a stun gun is not as effective. However, their gun is positioned to draw quickly.

Those with Boise Police say they will look at ways to improve and learn.

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