CALDWELL -- A freshman Idaho legislator from southwestern Idaho is behind $10,000 on his house payments and says demands from public service have hurt his income.

Republican Rep. Brandon Hixon of Caldwell says he's trying to modify terms of his mortgage to reduce payments, but hasn't made a payment on his home since June 2012.

Hixon, who is 32, says he bought the home in 2007.

In May 2012, however, he said he had to step down from his job at a large insurance company when it determined serving in the Idaho Legislature was a potential conflict of interest.

Now working as an independent insurance agent, Hixon says his income has suffered.

Hixon says he hopes to reach an agreement with his home lender sometime in January, after the 2014 session begins.

Rep. Hixon issued this statement to the media Tuesday afternoon:

On December 28, an article was published about the public notice that my personal home mortgage is not current. What was not in the article is that I am currently fully engaged in a home mortgage loan modification process with Wells Fargo, the lender. Like way too many other Idaho families who bought properties in 2007, my home value significantly dropped, seemingly overnight, and my business income has diminished as well. While it is a significant challenge, I am not one to make excuses. My constituents and the public need to know that I am diligently working through this matter to bring it to resolution as soon as possible. It is my responsibility and I intend to honor my commitment. My family and I have learned to become much better stewards of our resources as a result of this situation.

I have worked hard to insure this temporary situation will have no significant impact on my ability to be an effective legislator. My rock solid voting record and my unwavering personal commitment to District 10 demonstrate my determination.

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