BOISE -- The first big snow of the season fell Saturday and caused several accidents and slide offs. Police say it serves as a good reminder to make sure you're ready for winter driving.

The first real snow in the valley made for a busy day for the Idaho State Police. The big thing we see with people in these type of road conditions is they just drive too fast, said Sergeant Sam Ketchum, with the Idaho State Police. They're in too much of a hurry, they haven't adjusted from the dry road to the slick roads with the snow and the ice.

Sergeant Ketchum said it is the same situation year after year, and they end up repeating the same advice.

It really comes down to just slowing down out here, he said.

Sergeant Ketchum suggests defensive driving.

Do your best to stay back from the cars in front of you, he said. If somebody wants to drive aggressive and get in front of you, you're going to have those type of people. Just do your best to back off, give yourself plenty of room there.

However, their number one tip is just to drive slowly.

I don't know how to get across to people that the biggest thing they can do is slow down, Ketchum said. It really comes down to that. Leave a little earlier, slow down, just drive slow and you'll be surprised how much that helps.

ISP also want to remind you to get over to the side of the road when you see them coming with lights and sirens. They said they had trouble getting to accidents Saturday because people weren't getting over.

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