BOISE-- Boise Police are investigating two crimes involving cash machines committed early Tuesday morning.

One was apparently ripped right out of the wall of the Like-Nu Car Wash business on South Latah Street. The other was damaged at the Idaho Central Credit Union on West Fairview Avenue.

Ada County dispatchers say the ATM vandalism was reported at 1:55 a.m., while the ATM theft was reported around 2:42 a.m.

KTVB's Bonnie Shelton talked to a neighbor who lives behind the Like-Nu Car Wash. Terry Crisp says he heard loud noises and woke up to check it out.

I heard what I thought was a car alarm, and it was really loud, Crisp told KTVB. ... I threw my pants and jacket on and started over to the car wash to see what was going on ... That's when I saw a vehicle leaving in a big hurry.

He says when he came outside to check what was going on, he saw a truck speeding away. Crisp says he didn't get a good look at the make of the truck. However, he called police right away to report what he heard and saw.

Meanwhile, representatives from the Idaho Central Credit Union say surveillance video footage from the Fairview branch has been turned over to the police.

However, a quick check of the Like Nu Car Wash doesn't show any surveillance equipment in use.

All we found was an empty camera housing with nothing inside.

Attempts to contact owners of that business were unsuccessful.

We asked Boise Police if both incidents were connected. They declined to comment, saying the investigation continues.

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