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NAMPA -- Three Nampa men and their company are vying for a chance to advertise Poop during next year's Super Bowl.

Dairy Poop, Natural Dairy Compost is the brainchild of Scott Den Hartog, Glenn Vander Woude and Ben Bieri. And they make Poop, a lawn and garden compost from Idaho Holstein dairy cows. According to their website, POOP is what happens when you get fairly creative individuals together with some time on their hands, some marketing know how, a little gardening know how, some beer, and a WHOLE LOT of Dairy Manure!

From nearly 15,000 applicants, Dairy Poop made it to the final four in a contest sponsored by software maker, Intuit. Den Hartog said he found the contest a couple months ago randomly browsing the internet. And as luck would have it, it was the last day the contest was accepting submissions. They decided to apply, wrote up a quick description of the company and sent it in within the hour.

Den Hartog said the company came out of left field. Poop co-owner, Vander Woude, ran a dairy farm near Nampa and sold manure to area farmers by the truck full. But then they asked what can we do that's different. The answer? Super fine manure that doesn't stink and is sold by the bag full.

Dairy Poop goes up against Barley Labs, a dog treat company from North Carolina, GoldieBlox, from California, which produces engineering toys aimed at girls from and Locally Laid Egg Co, an egg producer in Minnesota.

If they win, more than 100 million people are expected to see their advertisement during the Super Bowl.

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