NAMPA -- A dangerous stretch of roadway in Nampa has officers scratching their heads because pedestrians keep getting hit by vehicles there -- despite a lighted crosswalk that flashes to control traffic.

The intersection of 11th Avenue North and 3rd Street has been the site of nearly a dozen dangerous crashes in the past decade, according to the Nampa Police Department.

Officers say the latest incident here happened Tuesday evening around 7:30 p.m. That's when a 66-year-old Caldwell man was struck by a car and critically injured while running across the street outside of the crosswalk.

The impact from the car launched the man about 80 feet from where he was struck, according to Sergeant Tim Randall with the Nampa Police Department.

Randall says the 66-year-old was wearing dark clothing, crossing at an unmarked location, and that visibility was poor at the time -- and all were important factors that led up to the incident.


He was pretty much dead ... had no pulse, Randall told KTVB, saying an off-duty paramedic who saw the crash was able to do CPR and revive the man.

The victim was transported to a local hospital with what appeared to be life threatening injuries, according to reports.

Police report the man was struck just about 50 feet from a marked and lighted pedestrian crossing. Randall says that particular crossing was installed in 2009 to help prevent pedestrian injuries.

Monica Chavez and her grandson Damion know just how important using that particular crosswalk is. That's because Chavez' nephew was hit and injured here by a van while riding his bike.


This 11th Avenue North has always been a busy road, as a matter of fact, one of our family members has been hit on this road, a small child, Chavez told KTVB.

Chavez says Damion's cousin survived with injuries, but still walks with a limp.

Meanwhile, police say they're still trying to convince the public to use this crosswalk before others get hurt here too.

We are finding people that are using it, but like I say, the downside is that we find people will still not walk an additional 50 feet, Randall told KTVB.

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