BOISE -- At Camel s Back Park in Boise s North End, plenty of people were out enjoying what is left of the warm fall weather Sunday.

Super gorgeous, said Amy Garrison, about the day.

The Garrison family from Meridian was found relaxing on the grass in the park. Amy said usually the family tries to spend their Sundays outside, either hiking or exploring.

We usually go up to Table Rock but we wanted to do something different today and just came down here and try to enjoy the last of it before it gets cold, said Amy Garrison.

They are staying active, until the cooler weather comes to area.

I think that it s been a lot warmer October than we have had, or warmer fall than usual, she said.

Come Monday, KTVB Chief Meteorologist Rick Lantz predicts a cold pocket to move into Southern Idaho. With the high temperature for the week at 58 degrees, the days in the 60's could be gone.

Definitely noticed that the clouds have came in, said Boise resident Jeff Guzi. A kind of change in the weather, in the air.

Guzi and his longtime friend Mike Fenner have been hiking at Camel s Back Park for 20 years.

But, such a wonderful day we thought we would go up and run in the Hulls Gulch and take advantage of the last few hours of warm weather, said Guzi.

Fenner agreed, and said the recent warm weather has been quite a nice treat.

Just a great time of year, Boise is special, said Fenner.

While, there is plenty to do in this warm oasis of a fall in Boise, KTVB learned that others are also ready for the cooler temperatures to come.

And then when winter comes then you get to sled and stuff, said Caine Smith who lives near the park.

Smith and his friend Hudson Fortier know when the fall does end, and winter is on the way, there are some good cold weather activities to enjoy as well.

I am happy to ski this year, said Fortier.

Forecasters are predicting snow in elevations around 6,000 ft. Bogus Basin would likely get snow, and parts of Eastern Oregon are also predicated to get a dusting of snow around 3,500 feet.

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