NAMPA -- With Election Day just a week away, one of the spots up for grabs is the job of Nampa Mayor.

On Tuesday night, the mayoral candidates took part in their final debate at Northwest Nazarene University's Brandt Center.

Current Mayor Top Dale is hoping to fend off three challengers:Bob Henry, Robert Muse, and Melissa Sue Robinson.

When the candidates were asked the question, What should the role of Nampa's mayor be?

Here is how they responded:

Bob Henry said, To sell and be that spokesperson who tells everybody what a wonderful city this is... I'm the .. But he's also a manager.. and this is where Tom and I really differ. I'm a hands on manager.

Robert Muse said, You have to protect the individual property rights, defend civil liberties so you have the freedom to make the choice to fail or succeed My decision will be based on that statement any ordinance, any law, any project.

Tom Dale said, The role of the mayor is the CEO of the city. That's the primary goal, and I'm a hands on manager, contrary to what Mr. Henry would like to believe. I have daily interactions with department heads, we talk about the details of running the city, and we plan together, the team works together on a regular basis.

Melissa Sue Robinson said, I think the role of the mayor would be to go out to other states, and if we had enough funds to do so to travel abroad and bring new business in to the city of Nampa.

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